CU Continuing Education

CU Continuing Ed had a problem. Students were constantly misunderstanding what their purpose was (they assumed it was only for students who had already graduated) and what they offered (a wide range of courses, in-person and online, days, nights, and weekends). We were tasked with raising awareness for Continuing Ed in general while more clearly explaining its diverse offerings.


The best way to do this, we realized, was through memorable visual entendres. By combining two things that are seemingly unrelated, yet actually work together quite well, we could showcase the polarity of classes offered by Continuing Ed. Paired with clever copy that explained the times that courses were available, we’d achieve our goal. The “Take Another Look” campaign was born.


CUCE experienced the highest click-through rate they had ever had with these online ads, lots of exposure from posters and bus boards, and received tons of positive feedback from the community (and everyone had a lot of fun in the process). This campaign was recognized in the Denver Fifty for 2013.