Fear Less

When I was a little kid, I had a pet snake. I could never understand why people were so afraid of them. Few species are poisonous, most are shy, and none of them are out to get you. I had a sense of pride about the fact that I loved these misunderstood creatures, despite the rest of the world almost universally fearing them.


I’ve been so frustrated at our society lately. I’ve never seen fear dominate our culture like this. It seems like every side is afraid of the other and we’re all unwilling to face what scares us. All of us are reduced to our most negative stereotypes.


Take some time to understand the things that you are afraid of. You may find that you are living with a burden that you do not need to bear. It’s not about being Fearless. It’s about learning to Fear Less.


I painted the black & white mural in our bedroom to remind me of this important message. When we moved, I no longer needed the typographic version, so I created a more elegant snake with flowers. I like the fact that the message can stay the same and the execution can evolve over time.